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Mothers Week Master Classes

At Beautesache we are always about providing the opportunity to learn and spend time with your loved ones! We wanted to create a special event to promote healthy skincare, knowledge and getting a few hours for some bonding time with Mom. We didn’t just want to set aside one day, we are bringing you Mothers Week Master Classes!

Five days, five lessons, and five special moments to spend together.

Join us at our location for our master classes on some interesting topics to learn:

May 7th – Tip, Tricks, and Typing- Skin Conditions and Classification
May 8th – Get into Formation- Skincare Routines
May 9th – Bye, Bye, Dry ! – Moisturizers 101
May 10th – Vaginal Rejuvenation
May 11th – Botox & Fillers

There will be live model demonstrations, Q&A opportunities and discussions.

We can’t wait to help you all learn more! Please call, or email us to reserve your spot as they will be limited.
Class times start at 6:30 – please arrive earlier!

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