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Dermal Fillers

Have a look at our dermal filler services. We're happy to offer a complete list of botox injections, juvederm and other highly reputable dermal fillers. Beautesache spa is also happy to offer a cutting edge lip augmentation as well as plasma lifting treatments. Feel free to check out our treatments menu and contact us for all the questions you may have.
Lips Augmentation

Word ‘Cosmetology’ has Greek routes and it means ‘attire’. We strongly believe that you have to remember about that when you make a decision to correct something. Here at Beautésaché our main goal is to underline your natural beauty.
Beautésaché offers unique lips form correction. Lips are made to make you look beautiful and attractive and should not demonstrate how much you paid in the clinic for getting them done.. For the perfect lips form creation we insist on use of biodegradable (absorbable) products based on hyaluronic acid. We use in our work only products of world famous brands with a long history and impeccable reputation.

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